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R.O.O.T.S. Speech Therapy

Re-education of Oral Tendencies for Success


Suzanne Pitkin is a Speech-Language Pathologist with over 10 years of experience in the field working with a wide range of pediatric clients. She graduated with her undergraduate in communication disorders from the University of Connecticut and completed her Master of Science at the University of Pacific. She has worked in the private practice, school, and birth to three settings. She is happily married, with one daughter and two dogs.

After becoming a mom and having breast feeding difficulties, Suzanne began attending therapy for her daughter for pre and post operative therapy for tethered oral tissues (tongue, lip, and buccals ties) and she experienced therapy from the parent perspective. This furthered her passion to work with families to offer support to those going through this process to enrich their child’s health and optimize their development.

Suzanne is passionate about all things speech therapy and truly helping families get to the root cause of feeding and speech challenges.  She will work with your family to help correct oral compensatory strategies likely contributing to compounding issues such as breast feeding challenges, feeding
/swallowing issues, articulation/speech deficits, mouth breathing, oral habits, and more. When born, our body’s two primary functions are to breathe and to eat. If there are any compensatory movements used during these essential functions, it can cause a chain reaction in the body to contribute to other health challenges. Often feeding and speech production challenges stem from a disruption in these initial functions. Suzanne will work to determine the underlying cause of a problem to find the most effective solution.  This direct approach will offer life long results as therapy is functionally focused on determining the root issue ultimately preventing other health consequences, leading to more optimal function of the mouth, and therefore the whole body.

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